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Kunstjournalen B-post 2009

The point of departure for this issue is the imperative "Feed your darlings", as a transformed version of "Kill your darlings".

SommersetDo not let the past rest in peace. Thomas Kilpper in dialogue with Annette Kierulf.

Since the mid-nineties, German artist Thomas Kilpper has investigated the possibilities of site related, sculptural and social interventions in public space. The basis has often been a building where important, historical events have taken place. Kilpper is based in Berlin, where he also runs a project gallery called After the Butcher in a restored butchers shop.

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SommersetCollector of architectural pearls in Istanbul

With the Art Biennale as starting point for a trip to Istanbul in 2007, I met the idealist Stein-Gunnar Sommerset who buys and takes pity on old, derelict timber houses in Istanbul.

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SommersetThe World is Magical

Art project by Torill Johannessen

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SommersetShort circuits and open endings – a conversation with Micol Assaël

"I attempt to locate the dark zones of our understanding. To root out the limits, and to see how far they can be forced, to see what happens if they are violated. I use dangerous materials because the best way to try to understand the nature of things is to get myself into trouble – and then to find the way out of it. The unit of measure remains as allways – man.”

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Art project by Eva Kun

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