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Kunstjournalen B-post 2012

The 2012 issue introduces audio art, sonic art, sound art – art that makes use of sound in one form or another.

Sissel Lillebostad: A Tower of Sound

Adsonore is an interactive sound installation with an almost endless time span, inspired by the functioning of the human immune system and operated by a computer program that allows for continuous input. When the work was commissioned by Public Art Norway (KORO) to the artist, Natasha Barrett, the specification was that it should be interactive, constantly changing, site specific and relative to the function of the building. In addition, the work should last more than 20 years. Now, almost 10 years after mounting the work, and just halfway through its lifespan, Adsonore is silent.

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Roar Sletteland: In conversation with Anne Hilde Neset 29.8.2012

The thing is I’m not a performer. I’m what you might call a professional listener. I think like a member of the audience, not as a composer. Perhaps that makes a difference to the way one arranges concerts. One is also part of a professional field, but not a performer oneself.

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