2006 Politisk? Kunstens roller i offentligheten.

Art's roles in the public sphere

The first issue presents texts and art projects by Marianne Heier, Rakett, Tore Vagn Lid, Terje Nicolaisen and more.

2007 00-tallet

The 00-decade

A contribution toward stimulating an increased dialogue around some of the phenomena which for us represent the 00's.

2008 Kunst som forestillinger om det umulige gjort mulig?

Art as Notions of the Impossible Made Possible?

17 texts and art projects that research how artworks articulate themselves in the tensions between the visionary as utopia and the visionary as dystopia.

2009 Feed Your Darlings!

Feed Your Darlings!

How does reflection and immediate encounters with art relate? This edition presents artists and themes that the editors for more or less clear reasons are engaged in.

2010/2011 Fortida nå!

The Past Now!

How can art based on research into archives and history, illuminate present social and political challenges?

2012 LYD


The 2012-issue discuss audio art, sonic art, sound art – art that makes use of sound in one form or another. The issue includes visual and sound art projects.

2013Assembly, Momentum, LIAF

Assembly, Momentum, LIAF

A critical examination of the three biennials realized in Norway in 2013, including art projects by artist shown at the biennials.

2015 Kamp og konsensus - kunst og offentlig rom

Battle & Consensus - Art and Public Space

Texts and art projects by Anne Szefer Karlsen, OPPSAATO, Ridder, Hilde Skjeggestad, Dag Wiersholm and more.

About Kunstjournalen B-post

Kunstjournalen B-post is a Norwegian journal on contemporary art that was published annually 2006 - 2015. Each issue discusses current themes through commissioned texts and art projects. This English edition consists of selected translated texts.

The memberes of the editorial board, based in Bergen, Norway, were Jannecke Heien, Annette Kierulf, Sissel Lillebostad, Arne Rygg, Bjørg Taranger, Maia Urstad, Mari Aarre, Steinar Sekkingstad, Arne Skaug Olsen, and Trond Hugo Haugen. Design of the printed edition: Jannecke Heien and John Ringstad. ISSN: 1890-2111.

Kunstjournalen B-post was published by Foreningen av 2007 til fremme for kunstfaglig refleksjon og debatt with support from Norsk Kulturfond, Bergen kommune, Institusjonen Fritt Ord, Bildende kunstneres hjelpefond, Hordaland fylkeskommune and Norske Billedkunstnere.